Proment, award-winning condo and loft developer

Drawing on more than thirty years of experience creating exceptional riverfront communities of condos and lofts and on our uncompromising commitment to excellence, Proment is offering Pointe-Nord residents an inspiring way of life in one of the most coveted locations.

Known for its quality of construction and innovative design, Proment been recognized five times by the Provincial Association of Homeowners of Quebec (APCHQ) as Builder of the Year. Le Vistal Project has been acknowledged multiple times for its ecological features. It received the 2009 APCHQ Domus award for being the environmentally sustainable project of the year, the 2010 UDI (Urban Development Institute) Quebec Real Estate Excellence Award, and in 2013 became LEED Gold Certified by the CGCB.

‘’ We are so happy to own such a nice condo built by Proment which we can call home and always proud to invite our friends home to show off the beautiful condo living that Proment has created for us.’’ Alicia and Denis

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Le Domaine de la Pointe
Club Marin I, II, III
Verre sur vert
Le Domaine de la Forêt
Le Cours du fleuve
Les Sommets sur le Fleuve I, II, III, IV
Les Verrières sur-le-Fleuve
Les Jardins des Vosges
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Le Vistal I, II