Evolo S hopes that all co-owners adopt an eco-friendly behavior in their day to day lives. Many products traditionally used to clean are actually responsible for a host of environmental and health problems. Several products have high levels of volatile organic compounds and potent allergens. These cleaners bring toxins into our home and end up polluting our waterways and harm aquatic life when flushed down toilets or sent down drains. We believe that cleaning agents should be ‘’clean’’: Evolo S has thus introduced a green housekeeping policy for all common areas of the building. We are strictly using eco-friendly cleaning products that ensure the use of green cleaning agents which carry the Eco-Logo or Green Seal certification requirements.

‘’Using eco-friendly cleaning product is a simple gesture, that leads to a healthier and a more eco-friendly lifestyle’’, says Ilan Gewurz, Executive Vice-president of Proment Corporation. Many stores are selling the Bio-Vert brand and it is, therefore, easy to get new supply and contribute to the efforts toward a sustainable development’’

Together we can make a difference.

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