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A glance at Evolo 'S', the next condo of Pointe-Nord

Evolo 'S' will go on sale this summer. The 24 storey building will feature studios and larger 3 bedroom condos. Thecommon areas of the buildingwill include an urban spa with hot and cold pools, an indoor pool, saunas and a relaxation area. The building will be located on a privileged site offering unobstucted views of downtown Montréal and of the St.Lawrence River. People can register to our priority list to get the best choices of location and views. See full article (available in French only)
Pointe-Nord, a green neighbourhood close to downtown
Pointe-Nord, a LEED certified neighbourhood offers a unique lifestyle and is closest to downtown than what people generally think. Prices of the condos are also more affordable than in other parts of the city. (Available in French only)
Evolo winner fo the Domus ''Project of the Year '' award by APCHQ
Evolo, Quartier Pointe-Nord’s first high-rise, has received the Domus ‘’Project of the Year award’’ by APCHQ (Quebec Homebuilders Association) during a special gala held on February 15th. Domus prizes are awarded to projects that offer consumers the best quality.
Another Evolo will be launched in 2014
Another tower will rise in the Pointe-Nord neighbourhood. Evolo3 will have impressive views of downtown Montréal and of the St. Lawrence River. People trust the constructions of Proment Corporation, who has been in the real-estate market for over 30 years. (available in French only)
Pointe-Nord, or how to create a human scale eco-friendly lifestyle (part 1)
Ilan Gewurz explains the vision of Proment Corporation in the planning of the Pointe-Nord community. (Available in French only).
Pointe-Nord, or how to create a human scale eco-friendly lifestyle (part 2)
Mr. Samuel Gewurz, President of Proment Corporation, presents a few numbers and some important assets about the Pointe-Nord neighbourhood. (available in French only)
Perpectives on neighbourhood life
Discover why Pointe-Nord retails have decided to settle in this new neighbourhood. (Available in French only)
Pointe-Nord community, neighbourhood living at its best!
Testimonials of Pointe-Nord residents about their lifestyle in this new community. Small retails, neighbourhood, bike trails, nice restaurants are just a few elements that make life so enjoyable in Pointe-Nord. Article available in French only.
Pointe-Nord live - Mercredis en musique
Starting June 12, there will be musical entertainment on the plaza of Pointe-Nord every Wednesday evening for 12 weeks of the summer. There will be two shows each Wednesday night; one at 6:45 p.m. and the second at 7:45 p.m.

The concerts are free. They are sponsored by the city in conjunction with Proment Corporation and the Bank of Montréal.
Come discover the new vibrant Pointe-Nord neighbourhood! Click on the link to view the full line-up.
L'Île-des-Soeurs is different from other Montreal neighbourhoods with plenty of green space and its proximity to the river. In addition to the bike trails and riverfront paths, we find a protected forest and parks. The development of Pointe-Nord will include many parks and a dock with direct access to the river. (Available in French only)
Evolo condos - Design first
Article published in La Presse. (Available in French only) In order to show the full potential of the condos for sale in Evolo, Proment Corporation mandated ten professional designers to personalize the spaces.
Evolo Towers serve as a new 'Bienvenue'
The Pointe-Nord community, developed by Proment Corporation, is gaining notoriety as a prized new location oly minutes away from Montreal's downtown core. This new urban village has begun to take shape with its waterfront parks and pedestrian plaza.
Evolo Towers serve as a new 'Bienvenue'
The Pointe-Nord community, developed by Proment Corporation, is gaining notoriety as a prized new location oly minutes away from Montreal's downtown core. This new urban village has begun to take shape with its waterfront parks and pedestrian plaza.
Pointe-Nord, Nuns' Island, a unique neighbourhood in Quebec
The popularity of this new waterfront neighborhood designed by Proment Corporation is booming. While two cranes are working on the site to complete the construction Pavillon Evolo (6-storey building) and Evolo 2 tower (30-storey building), nearly half of the residences Evolo 1 were delivered. This area, designed according to the principles of sustainable development, will offer a unique lifestyle to its residents. It will be a true urban village where residents can access various local stores close to home. To enable people to enjoy the full potential of the condos on the market, 10 model condos, designed by professional interior designers can be visited on a daily basis.
Pointe-Nord neighbourhood is becoming more and more active
The green Pointe-Nord neighbourhood will soon welcome the new residents of the Evolo tower and Pavilion evolo. Their arrival will be followed in January by the opening of the restaurant 'Les enfants terribles' second dining establishment in the area.

To better understand the full the potential of the different units, eight model suites will be featured in Evolo and Pavilion evolo. They will be open to visits during the month of November.

Article available in French only
Opening of 'Les Enfants Terribles' restaurant in December 2012
The construction works of the restaurant have started and opening is scheduled for December 2012. Les 'Enfants Terribles' is the second restaurantthat will open in thePointe-Nord neighbourhood, the first one being the café-boulangerie 'Mamie Clafoutis'
Restaurant 'Les Enfants Terribles' is coming to Pointe-Nord
Just a few weeks after the bakery café Mamie Clafoutis was opened on the avenue Pointe-Nord, the Proment Corporation is delighted to announce the forthcoming opening of a second les Enfants Terribles restaurant, just a few metres away. Located next to a large riverside park, les Enfants Terribles will feature an expansive terrace offering clients views of both the Saint Lawrence river and downtown Montreal. (available in French only).
Evolo 2: Construction has begun
The construction of the residential waterfront tower Evolo2 has officially begun. The Mayor of the Borough of Verdun, Claude Trudel, and the main collaborators of the project participated to the groundbreaking ceremony.
Newsletter – Spring20012
Pointe-Nord comes to life! The cranes are active on the construction site of Pointe-Nord in order to complete an urban village built on the principles of sustainable development. The construction of Evolo 2 has begun. The café-bakery ‘Mamie Clafoutis’ will open officially in June. Proment Corporation supports ‘Toujours ensemble’ organization. A testimonial from a ZUNI resident.
A first commerce for Pointe-Nord
The smell of freshly-baked bread and croissants will soon be wafting through the air of the Pointe-Nord neighbourhood on Nuns' Island in Montreal. The owners of Mamie Clafoutis, Nicolas Delourmel and Joseph Sabatier, have chosen to open their third bakery café ( in the heart of this eco-community. Local residents will soon be able to sample products baked on site using the traditional family methods that have won fame for the existing bakeries in Outremont and the Plateau. (article available in French only)
Pointe-Nord, the most ambitious project of Proment Corporation
Four cranes are now busy on the Pointe-Nord of Nuns’ Island achieving the most ambitious residential project of Proment Corporation. This sought after area of Montreal is being transformed into an urban village in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Pointe-Nord will be a green community offering quality housing. (available in French only)
Newsletter - Summer 2011
NEWS FROM POINTE-NORD. Pavilion Evolo - at the heart of Pointe-Nord, ZUNI welcomes its first residents, construction of Evolo begins several months ahead of schedule, Pointe-Nord is awarded LEED ND Gold Certification, testimonial from Evolo buyers.
Pointe-Nord presents «Evolo Pavilion»
Located next to the Evolo tower, the Pavilion will offer 39 condominiums in a 5 storey building. Owners will have a view of the landscaped gardens and the river. Prices starting at $239 000 and sales at the end of May. Register on-line at (Article available in French only)
Le quartier Pointe-Nord à L'Île-des-Soeurs aura son pavillon
Pavilion Evolo is a 5 storey building that will be constructed across from Evolo and next to the large pedestrian plaza and overlooking the St.Lawrence River. The building will feature 39 condos ranging from 655 sq. ft. to 1175 sq. ft. Sales will start at the end of May.
Nuns' Island an easy commute from the city core
Nestled in between downtown and the South Shore, Nuns' Island is known by locals as a residential treasure. The island's quiet communities offer residents an escape from the noise and commotion of downtown, while being close enough to easily commute to the city's core.
New condos designed with walkers in mind
Evolo condominiums on Nuns' Island are aiming to give tenants a balance between the convenience of urbant living and the comforts of suburbia. The development is a green building, meaning that it has sustainable initiatives throughout the design.
Proment is confident about L'Île-des-Soeurs
Proment seems to have made the right decision in constructing on the land next to the Bell Campus. Encouraged by the popularity of ZUNI, Proment moved forward the construction of EVOLO, an elegant high-rise of 260 condominiums. Everything is put in place so that the occupants can enjoy an incomparable lifestyle in a new urban neighbourhood. (Available in French only)
Evolo, Construction Moved Forward for the 260 Condominiums
Pointe-Nord, the new «LEED ND» neighbourhood of Nuns' Island is quickly taking shape. 170 buyers have purchased a condo in the elegant Evolo tower, to be located on the banks of the St. Lawrence River. (Available in French only)
Living in a green neighbourhood by the water
Evolo attracts people of all ages who like condominium lifestyle to better pursue their favorite activities, and are seeking urban living on the edge of the water. (Available in French only)
A First Tower at Pointe-Nord
In accordance with LEED, Evolo will include several features on energy efficiency. The building will be heated and cooled through geothermal energy. Materials with recycled content will be present in the cement and in the gypsum. (available in French only)
Evolo: The lighthouse of Nuns' Island
Evolo will be the highest building of Nuns' Island with its 30 storeys. This elegant glass tower will offer stunning views of downtown Montreal and the St.Lawrence River. Located in the brand new Pointe-Nord neighbourhood, Evolo will also be planned according to the LEED standards for the green construction (available in French only).
Beginning of Construction for Evolo
Proment Corporation has hold the official groundbreaking ceremony for Evolo, the first residential tower of the Pointe-Nord project. Thanks to considerable public interest, 60% of Evolo’s 260 condominiums have been sold in just four months. This strong demand has resulted in Proment Corporation’s decision to begin construction earlier than the date initially scheduled. (Article available in French only)
Montreal Pointe-Nord condo development to transform island site
A major residential community with a green focus is being built on a spectacular setting, minutes away from downtown Montreal. Development will include condominiums, small commercial units (cafés, boutiques, restaurants) and magnificent parks and paths along the river.
Le Guide d'aménagement de Pointe Nord approuvé par l'arrondissement
It will take over 10 years to complete the Pointe-Nord development. We already know where streets, parks, infrastructures will be, even which types of buildings will be constructed. All this information is part of a Planning Guide that has been prepared by Proment Corporation and approved by the Borrough. (available in French only)
A Tower in the Heart of a Village
Evolo is designed to become the new iconic tower of Montreal. It 's eco-friendly aspects will make it stand out from other high-rises, Evolo will be seeking the LEED certification for green buildings. (available in French only)
North side of Nuns'Island gets makeover
Proment is building a $700 million community. New residential development will have an urban flavour while being environmentally sound and affordable in proximity to services and downtown Montreal.
Evolo is officially launched
About 200 people attended the cocktail for the launching of Evolo at the sales pavillion on Jacques-Le Ber. The many facets of Evolo and the new Pointe-Nord community have been explained by the people involved in the project. (Available in French only)
Evolo on L'Île-des-Soeurs, high-rise condos in the eco-friendly Pointe-Nord neighbourhood
Located minutes away from downtown, next to the St.Lawrence River, Evolo condos are offering a remarkable lifestyle in an eco-friendly building. News available in French only.
Pointe-Nord, Life on the island reinvented
Evolo, the second phase of Pointe-Nord has been officially launched. Evolo offers a new way of living and enjoying Nuns' Island in the heart of the vibrant new Pointe-Nord community.
A word from ZUNI
ZUNI.CA is now on-line! A Youthful, Urban Design by Francine Martineau for the Model Condo. Firstime Homebuyers at ZUNI.
Gewurz knows condos
New Nuns’ Island development project takes shape
Proment launches initial phase: Zuni
Press Kit 3
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Press Kit 1
Zuni : Outside and inside view
Pointe-Nord Esplanade
Pointe-Nord : Plan
Residential project in northern
Residential project in northern tip gets warm welcome