What living by the water can offer

Raise your hand if you’ve always dreamed of living on the waterfront… That’s what we thought!

Not that really need to convince anyone that living next to a body of water is incredible, but just in case you were wondering, here are the top advantages of living by the water in Pointe-Nord.

1 – The view

Most of the apartments and houses in the neighbourhood have a spectacular view of the calming river.

2 – The calm

A serene atmosphere exists by the water. One can enjoy it through walks, by bike, walking the dog, reading a book…

3 – Water Sports

With shops like NAVI, we are lucky to have access to kayak professionals who offer outings or simple kayak rentals for solo adventures.

4 – Fishing

Yes, you can fish in the St Laurent! A lot of Pointe-Nord residents take advantage of this. Imagine being able to fish 5 min away from your home.

6 – The value

Riverside property is an asset that keeps on giving. Because these types of locations are getting rare and rarer, they’re more in demand, thus upping the value of the property.

7 – Health

Researchers from the University of Exeter in England have found that people living on the coasts were in better health. The simple fact of living by the water makes one calm and ready for physical exercise.


Pointe-Nord, a waterfront community

Pointe-Nord was thought out for residents so they can benefit from a perfect mix of river and downtown views. This mix offers a lifestyle that’s far from the loud bustling city, while being far from being a suburb. 5 minutes drive from Downtown (by car or bus), the Quartier Pointe-Nord remains a calm riverside yet urban place thanks to its shops and active residents.

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