Anne-Marie Jean, designer

Interior decoration that we love!

For as long as she can remember, Anne-Marie has been fascinated by interior decoration. As a child, she was allowed to design her own bedroom, and at just 12 years old, she even built her own vanity set—complete with electrical wiring!

Anne-Marie has been working with Proment Corporation for 11 years. After studying design, she was hired to work with the “Verre sur Vert” interior decoration team. One thing led to another, and soon she would be put in charge of the interior design for a model condo, to help the units sell. Model condo interior design has become one of her specialities. “A lot of people find it hard to imagine their future home in an empty space. By bringing in furniture and some interior decoration, we give the place its own personality. It generally doesn’t take long to sell the condos after that,” says Anne-Marie. Decorating model condos can be a special challenge, as budgets tend to be very limited, so designers have to hunt down discounts and deals. As Anne-Marie likes to say, “It’s champagne taste on a beer budget!” She works with a network of partners and merchants to secure a supply of beautiful pieces at bargain prices.

About Anne-Marie’s condo in Evolo S

”Now that I’m in my 40s, my style is changing. I’m moving away from a very minimalist modern design and toward a cosier atmosphere. The model that I’m planning for Evolo S will have a vacation feel, reminiscent of the cottages you see along the coast of Maine. It’s going to be a very warm place. The design will be modern, but with a mix of eclectic pieces. My concept will appeal to a lot of different age groups.”

All of the furniture will come from Maison

A designer’s challenge

“When I work with clients, sometimes imported furniture doesn’t arrive on time. So I need to find alternative solutions. But I need to be very careful to not go over budget. It’s easy to get carried away by all the options. My job is to help my clients with their decisions so that the project stays on budget and they’re happy with the results.”

Pro tips

You should have a piece that you love in every room, whether it’s a sectional sofa, a table, or artwork. You should be able to feel the atmosphere that the client was going for as soon as you walk into the room. And avoid hot trends, because they quickly go out of style.

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