Since 2015, Nettoyeur Écologique Royal has operated a dry-cleaning counter to serve the community of Pointe-Nord.

Located at 115 Chemin de la Pointe-Nord, and in partnership with la Petite Épicerie, the eco-friendly dry-cleaning service follows the same environmental vision and philosophy as the rest of the neighbourhood.

A Natural and Effective Way to Have Clean Clothing

Since 2008, Nettoyeur Écologique Royal have converted all their processes to environmentally friendly protocols. After having done business using regular machines in the past, they decided to invest in new infrastructures in order to grow and evolve in an environmentally friendly work environment. They knew from the beginning that they needed this green technology, whatever the cost. Eventually the decision proved to be the right one, indeed people come all the way from Abitibi to drop off their clothing!

After opening their first store in NDG, and accumulating experience with co-owned communities such as Habitat 67, they’ve continued to grow and to open new stores. Because there isn’t a single chemical is used throughout the cleaning and because all detergents are citrus-based, their methods are not only beneficial for the environment, but also protect the clothing from getting old and used too quickly. Colors stay vibrant, and whites stay white, without any hint of grey. Clients therefore get their clothes back clean and smelling fresh without any residue, a fact of life accepted by users of the traditional dry-cleaning machines. We can take comfort in knowing that we’re protecting the air and soil while our clothing is being cleaned!

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