Andy Rioux, designer

Andy Rioux’s design for this 740-ft2 condo in Evolo S is his vision of what it might feel like to live full-time as a bachelor in a luxury hotel.

Minimalist decor

“I gave the condo a sleek minimalist look, like what you’d see at a trendy boutique hotel,” says Andy. The condo directly overlooks downtown Montreal, and as soon was you walk in, your eye is instantly drawn to the amazing panorama. When night falls, the massive picture windows become a living portrait. It feels like you’re in the front row of a breathtaking show, whether you’re in the living room, on the balcony or in the bedroom. All you need is to put some seating in the right places and you’re all set.

A recurring theme

“With new buildings, I sometimes find it nice to maintain a link between the building’s common areas and the condo itself,” explains Andy. “The lobby was my starting point. I ran with the concept and worked in a satin-finish white and wood panels for the condo.” Andy then gives black a prominent role: “It’s my trademark colour and never goes out of style.”

Since the small condo is meant for a bachelor, Andy chose black and wood for a masculine feel, while allowing the space a practical functionality—the office space converts easily into a dining room to host friends, and three wall units offer extra storage space.


The design challenge

Designing a model condo means working with a very small budget. So Andy made and installed all the furniture, artwork and photography himself, including the bed, table and wall units as well as the unique three-dimensional piece in the bedroom.

“I put so much of my heart and soul into it that it was actually bittersweet when it was finished,” he says. “As artists, we tend to get attached to our creations. I created and built this condo as though it were my own.”

Andy is a resident of Pointe Nord and has been a designer for 14 years. He just completed architectural technician training to add to his repertoire but says his true passion will always be for design.

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