There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing us to rethink how we do things. Since the safety of residents and workers is a priority, several special measures have been put in place in condominiums. The resumption of construction and the day-to-day management of condominium life bring their share of challenges. Louis-Joseph Papineau of Proment Corporation and Sonia Beauchemin of Gestion Sovica, who is responsible for several condominium buildings on Nuns’ Island, explain how they operate during COVID-19.

Resumption of construction work in Evolo X

The resumption of work in Evolo X – and soon in MYX  – after a month’s shutdown was greeted with relief. However, the industry must adapt to the new requirements for work planning and organization: “We must be cautious when resuming work and closely follow the recommendations of the government and CNESST. We will make adjustments as the situation evolves,” says Louis-Joseph Papineau, VP of Development and Construction at Proment Corporation.

Some of the special procedures adopted among workers and subcontractors include:

  • verification of the health of workers arriving on the job site
  • distribution of masks for workers
  • mandatory hand washing
  • dedicated elevator for workers
  • more frequent cleaning of work and rest areas as well as tools
  • respect of social distancing measures

Life in a condominium

If you will soon be moving into your new condo, keep in mind that the condo lifestyle is also being affected by the pandemic. To ensure everyone’s safety, the common areas, exercise room, reception room, pool and guest suites are closed. Obviously, visitors (family, cleaning lady, etc.) are prohibited, except for people requiring care.

Increased sanitary measures have been implemented in the buildings.

  • Elevators are cleaned more frequently and the number of passengers is limited
  • Antiseptic gel dispensers are available at the front desk of the building
  • Objects or devices that are used frequently, such as elevator buttons, handles, etc. are regularly disinfected
  • In addition, masks and gloves are provided to employees
  • Delivery people and movers must also wear masks

At the management level, the organization of daily work has been adjusted to avoid any contamination.

  • The management office is functional only by email or telephone
  • Parcels are left with the doorman and the residents must pick them up themselves

Please note that it is mandatory for a resident who contracts COVID-19 to notify management. We will ensure that they remain in quarantine and the floor where they live will receive special attention (e.g., we will take out their garbage).

“We frequently communicate with residents to notify them of any changes in procedures or following government announcements,” said Sonia Beauchemin. ”As a general rule, we have good cooperation from residents. Those who do not comply with the containment policies are denounced by their neighbours”.

While we still have a lot to learn about this common enemy, the government is working on different reopening scenarios.  If many welcome more flexible measures with the arrival of warmer days, we are forced to reinvent ourselves, rethinking our business models, our behaviors.



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