Louise Dupont, Senior designer

Architecture firm Lemay Michaud was hired to design the common areas in the Evolo X tower. Louise Dupont, a partner at the firm, talks to us about what went into the project.

Designing the common areas for the Evolo X, the fourth tower in the Evolo family, comes with its own share of challenges, as each Evolo tower has its own personality. “You need to capture all the prestige of Evolo X, but you also need to make sure it still feels like it belongs with rest of the Evolo towers,” explains Louise Dupont. Another challenge was the location of the common areas. The promoter wanted all of the common areas to have a view, or some natural light. This meant positioning them along the outer part of the building and putting the mechanical spaces in the middle.

Surrounded and inspired by water

“Given the prime location and proximity of Evolo X to the river, we were deeply inspired by the water,” says Louise. The colours, materials and shapes used evoke the water. Various shades of blue can be found in the furniture and accessories, metals with reflective surfaces create a shimmering water-like effect, and natural shapes are a nod to the nautical theme.


Welcome home – the main lobby

The main lobby was designed to be a welcoming and warm place. Enormous windows maximize natural light, which filters through the chainmail curtains like sun reflecting off the water. An art piece reminiscent of a giant mobile with little paper boats will be installed in one of the windows. A local artisan will bend the metal for these boats, each bearing a message engraved on their hulls. Evolo X residents are invited to participate by sending us their messages at info@pointenord.com

Another water-inspired work, a painting by Quebec artist Viviane Case Fox, will be installed in the lobby.


Inviting and relaxing pool, spa, reception room and gym

“Even though the pool area is a public space, it was important to us to make it a place where people can relax and meditate,” says the designer. The stunning view of the river can be admired from any vantage point, including through the large porthole window or from the hanging cocoon chairs.


For the reception room, undulated ceramic wall tile with a wave pattern was chosen. A large throw rug in shades of blue delimits the lounge space.

The gym overlooks the river, providing a generous focal point for workouts. A blue partition panel separates the yoga room from the main space, and one wall features a vinyl record with a wave print.

A prestigious building

The choice of materials truly captures the high-end feel of Evolo X. Wood, metal and printed glass were used. Warm natural colours contrast with dark grey and blue.

About Louise Dupont

Louise Dupont is a senior partner at LeMayMichaud and has extensive experience in commercial interior design. She has been involved in many major projects, some of which have won awards in Canada and abroad. She was the interior designer of the Evolo 2 and Evolo X common areas for Proment Corporation.

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