With winter on its way, residents and visitors of Pointe-Nord will be looking for every opportunity to take advantage of the outdoors and those last rays of summer sunshine.

Read on to discover the many gems in the neighbourhood – some of which are hidden gems – where anyone can take time away from a busy life to just relax enjoy nature.

1. The Esplanade & the belvedere
The Esplanade, that patch of public green space in the middle of Pointe-Nord, has a magnificent view of the water and is perfect for an afternoon of Frisbee or lounging around. The belvedere, also with an amazing view on the waterfront, has lounging chairs perfect for sitting around and reading a good book. Information boards found on the outside of the belvedere tell the visitors about Nun’s Island’s history. And at night, solar panels will light up their path.


2. The bike paths
The bike paths surrounding Pointe-Nord are some of the most beautiful in and around Montreal. With a view of the downtown and of the waterfront, surrounded by beautiful trees, silver grass and wildflowers, it’s enough to make anyone wonder why they would ever live downtown.


3. The Northeastern point of the island
We’ve mentioned this magical spot before, but it’s worth mentioning again. Accessible by the bike paths and across from the future Evolo X tower, this beautiful area is surrounded by trees and plants and offers an unparallel view of downtown Montreal.

4. The courtyards of Zuni, Evolo and Evolo 2
Each development in Pointe-Nord has a beautiful green courtyard where anyone looking to take in the nature and sunshine can relax and enjoy a zen moment. It’s interesting to note that, in keeping with the eco-friendly philosophy of the neighbourhood, these courtyards were designed as green roofs – they are common spaces for residents set on top of the underground garages. This serves both to hide the cars and minimize pollution, as well as to reduce the “heat-island effect” by reducing exposed paved surfaces. By using non-invasive and mostly indigenous species in the landscaping, the needs for irrigation and pesticides use is much reduced.


5. Parc écologique Gerwurz-Remer
Water basins retain and filter rainwater before it reaches the St-Laurent’s river. The wild rose border is a delight for passersby during blooming season. This location also offers one of the best views of downtown.

Now get out there, no excuses! Take in the last of the beautiful weather before winter comes creeping up on us.

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