Melissa Del Pinto, artiste

Melissa Del Pinto, artiste, Crédit Photo Chamsi Dib @chamsiphoto

Proment Corporation makes room for art in its condominiums. Linda Covit’s sculptures can be admired in front of Evolo X, and artists’ canvases in other buildings. For Evolo NEX, we commissioned artist Melissa Del Pinto to create a large-format work to be displayed in the lobby. We caught up with the artist to find out more about her artistic approach.

Pointe NordYou’ve been creating art since childhood and painting professionally for over 20 years. Can you tell us about your background and how it has influenced your work?

Melissa : Absolutely. My journey with art began early on, and it’s been a lifelong passion. I studied illustration and design at Dawson College, which gave me a solid foundation in visual storytelling and technique. Over the years, I’ve gravitated towards oils on canvas as my preferred medium, even though I also paint murals. The richness and depth of oils really resonate with me, allowing me to explore complex emotions and themes on canvas.

Pointe Nord: The Gewurz family recently commissioned you for a major order after discovering you at a fundraising event. Can you share more about that experience?

Melissa: That was a very special project for me. The Gewurz family found my work during a fundraiser for Multicaf last year, and they commissioned a modern seascape for the lobby of their new building – Evolo NEX on Nuns’ Island. It is a 48” x 48” acrylic painting of a modern seascape. Working with Louise Dupont, from Lemay Michaud, we developed a piece that reflects a sense of peace and legacy, which was deeply meaningful given that it is created now in memory of Mr. Gewurz. Although he didn’t get to see it completed, I hope the painting brings comfort and a sense of enduring presence to the family.

Pointe NordNature, particularly birds, has been a major source of inspiration for you. Recently, you’ve been exploring new themes like skies, clouds, and seascapes. What has sparked this shift in your subject matter?

Melissa : Nature has always been a profound inspiration for me, especially birds. They symbolize freedom and grace, which I love to capture in my work. Lately, though, I’ve felt a strong pull towards themes like skies, clouds, and seascapes. This change stems from a broader reflection on transformation and the shifting emotions I observe around me. I believe if emotion could be painted, it would take the form of a sky—vast, ever-changing, and deeply evocative. This idea has fuelled my recent “Shift” series, where I aim to depict the collective sense of change and emotional flux we are experiencing.

L'artiste Melissa del Pinto en pleine création

Creation of a mural by Melissa Del Pinto

Pointe NordYour “Shift” series seems to encapsulate a lot of the current emotional climate. How do you translate such abstract feelings into your work?

Melissa : The “Shift” series is my attempt to channel the pervasive sense of transformation we’re all feeling into visual form. I see the sky as a metaphor for emotion—its vastness and variability perfectly capture the essence of what we’re going through. In these paintings, I blend abstract elements with natural forms to create pieces that evoke this sense of movement and change. It’s about using the fluidity of paint to mirror the emotional shifts that are happening around us.


Melissa del Pinto peint des ciels qui capturent nos émotions


Pointe Nord:  What do you hope viewers take away from your work, particularly from the “Shift” series?

Melissa: I hope viewers connect with the emotional depth and the sense of movement in my work. The “Shift” series, in particular, is about embracing change and finding beauty in transformation. I want my paintings to resonate with people’s experiences, to offer a moment of reflection and perhaps a sense of solace in knowing that change, while often challenging, can lead to profound growth and understanding.

Pointe Nord: The artwork is currently under production and will be installed in the lobby of Evolo NEX in September.  We are looking forward to seeing it!

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