The new Champlain bridge: One of the biggest undertakings in Quebec in the last 40 years

This major project has been keeping a team of 1,400 people busy around the clock. The project manager, Signature on the Saint Lawrence, is tasked with the colossal challenge of building the bridge in just 42 months’ time. As the deadline approaches, the team is confident they’ll be able to have the bridge ready for June 2019 according to the latest news. To be continued…

A new gateway into Montreal

Some Pointe-Nord residents are able to watch the progress of the bridge’s construction from their condos. “The cable-stayed bridge will be a symbolic gateway into Montreal for those coming from the South Shore,” says Daniel Genest, of the construction team.  The architectural lighting on the main tower and the edge girders will add a spectacular effect.

And then, the REM will follow

The NouvLR consortium is awaiting the completion of the Champlain bridge so that they can start building the REM light rail across the centre of the bridge. Plans for the light rail include a station directly in Pointe Nord, and a pedestrian tunnel will link Pointe-Nord with the rest of Nuns’ Island. Each station on the light rail will have its own special features to adapt to Greater Montreal landscapes and blend in with their surroundings.

REM station

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