Yves Emond, Architect

Forme Studio is the architectural firm behind the design of MYX Condos. Architect and cofounder Yves Émond agreed to speak with us about his vision for the MYX project.

Yves always dreamed of being an architect. As a child, he liked to build with Lego or little red blocks. Thus began his lifelong passion for designing homes. As an architect, Yves feels he can help make a difference in how people live and change cities for the better.


MYX Condos building

MYX Condos, a unique piece of architecture:

MYX Condos is Forme Studio’s fourth project in collaboration with Proment Corporation. For MYX, Yves designed the building with the developer’s goal in mind: to offer the same benefits as neighbouring residential towers. “Even though the building isn’t on the water, the view of the river was important to the developer. We made this a focus in the architectural design, creating the sail design that gives the living room windows a view of the river or the city. They give the building a unique feel and increase value for buyers,” Yves says.

A complex building due to the mix-use vocation:

MYX is a complex building for a number of reasons. The main challenge was accounting for its various uses. For example, installing businesses on the ground floor required building a parking lot for customers in the inner courtyard. Since there are also residential units in the building, the architect wanted to hide the parking area with a green roof. Customers can access the parking area from the commercial street via a porte cochère. He also had to design a building that incorporated economical 650-ft2 units, upscale 1,220-ft2 units, as well as townhouses. These different elements imposed constraints on the structure and ceiling heights, and on the building’s architecture itself.  ‘’In reviewing MYX, we are very satisfied with the results’’ states Yves.

MYX entrance and modern carriage door

A long term relationship with  Proment Corporation:

Forme Studio has been working with Proment Corporation for nearly a decade. Together they are behind projects on Nuns’ Island including the townhouses by Lac des Battures, ZUNI and Evolo S buildings in Pointe Nord and their townhouses. “In my time working with Proment, I’ve seen that as a developer they leave nothing to chance, that they aren’t afraid to ask questions and are willing to go back to the drawing board if they’re not 100% satisfied with the results,’’ says Yves. Very few developers are as meticulous. “When you walk around Pointe-Nord, you can see that every material and aspect is well thought-out. It’s a pleasure to walk around the area and appreciate the attention to detail,’’ he adds.

About Forme Studio:

Forme Studio is an architecture firm with around 30 employees that has been in business for 16 years. Forme Studio specializes in “the places we sleep,” applying its expertise to residential buildings, including condos, homes, rental properties, student residences, retirement homes and hotels. “We’ve seen growing demand for mixed-use developments that include businesses and offices in addition to residential units,” says Yves.

Forme Studio works on a variety of projects around Quebec. Yves Émond is most passionate about designing integrated developments that offer a combination of uses and residence types. “We’re working on creating a number of ‘mini-villages’ that include towers, commercial buildings, parks and footpaths. It’s an interesting project because we have to think beyond a single building and consider the urban planning and landscape architecture to predict how the area will change over time.’’

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