Micheline Clouâtre and Julie St-Arnaud from VLAN paysages


Proment Corporation has entrusted Vlan paysages to create the green roof for their new MYX Condominiums project. Vlan paysages has participated in a number of projects on Nuns’ Island, including the landscaping of the roundabout at the island’s entrance. Entitled Milieu humide, the roundabout project features long “reeds” that were installed in collaboration with in situ atelier d’architecture. These giant reeds evoke the island’s riverbanks and are activated by the headlights of passing cars at night. An irrigation system waters the plants from the base of the roundabout. VLAN also participated in designing the green roof for the ZUNI building and townhouses.

The green roof at MYX:

“MYX is similar to ZUNI in that both buildings are the same height and connected as part of the same block,” said Julie St-Arnaud, senior partner and landscape architect at Vlan. The green roof concept was inspired by the shape of the building, particularly the angled balconies, referred to as “sails”. The arrangement of vegetation, primarily grasses and perennials, along with the gravel paths featuring different colours and textures, reiterates the sail concept and creates an even more scenic view from the condos overlooking the courtyard. The result is a real tableau of vegetation that changes with the seasons.

There are many advantages to green roofs; in addition to the aesthetic aspects, they improve air quality by converting CO2 to oxygen, absorb rainwater, and reduce the effect of heat islands, a common phenomenon in more paved urban areas. As a result, these gardens create a more comfortable living environment for the surrounding residences.



Rendering of the green roof covering the parking lot

The rising popularity of green roofs:

In the last 15 years, Vlan has seen a growing demand for green roofs. LEED projects, for example, incorporate green roofs into their building design, and some cities require that green or light-reflecting roofs be installed. Green roofs are also used in urban agriculture, a developing trend, as the rooftop sun exposure creates an ideal gardening space in an urban environment.

About Vlan:

Vlan works with both institutional clients and real estate developers and has won numerous awards for their work. The firm is currently working in collaboration with Provencher Roy to revitalize the Esplanade de Place des Arts. They are also responsible for various other projects, including a plan to revitalize Sparks Street, near Parliament Hill in Ottawa. “I appreciate Proment Corporation’s work approach of using a multidisciplinary team,” Julie said. “Proment brings in various specialists in architecture, landscaping, and design to work together before the project is completed. This way, we achieve a more seamless project.”

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