Evolo X is by itself a work of art.  It was therefore natural for us to mandate local artists to embellish the space with high-quality artworks.

Linda Covit, sculptor

Sculpture de LInda Covit près d'Evolo X

One of the three sculptures made by Linda Covit

Since 1975, Linda Covit has created numerous art interventions presented in Canada, Quebec and abroad.  Her artworks address issues of nature, environment, and peace. In Montreal, you can admire the famous sculpture ‘le Havre’ installed on the Glen site of the McGill University Health Center.  In 2004, she collaborated with Proment Corporation on the production of six sculptures, set at Sommets sur le fleuve, representing the branches of a tree that rotate with the wind.

For Evolo X, Linda made three sculptures that are located in the square in front of the building.  The artist drew her inspiration from trips to Japan and ‘’River Reflexions’’ was born from the idea of creating a piece of furniture / sculpture that incorporates benches where the visitor can sit, facing different points of view.   It will offer walkers a peaceful spot among the mound vegetation, reflect the sun’s rays on the disks which represent the waves of the river and project shadows on the ground.


Viviane Case-Fox

Oeuvre de Viviane Case-Fox dans Evolo X

We find works of art of Viviane Case-Fox in numerous private and public collections. They are available in galleries in both the United States (New York and Fort Lauderdale) and in Canada (Montreal and Toronto).

Resident of Nuns’Island, Canadian artist Viviane Case-Fox was born in Canada in 1950 from Hungarian parents. To improve her technique, she studied at the Ottawa School of Art, at the Saïdye Bronfman Centre in Montreal and at the Center of Visual Arts in Westmount. The acrylic paintings and oil paintings of Viviane Case-Fox bring visual pleasure leaning towards abstraction. The colour, brightness of Viviane Case-Fox’s paintings often transport us into a world of exuberant contrast, emotion and sensitivity.


Lemay Michaud and Visual Home

Pliage de bateau dans Evolo X

Origami-inspired artwork – boats floating in the air

Lemay Michaud is a Montreal-based architectural firm that has been collaborating with Proment Corporation for several years.  They have designed the lobby and common areas of Sommets III and  IV, Le Vistal and Evolo 1 and 2 towers. For more than 40 years, this innovative firm designs living spaces for both residential and commercial. The creativity and know-how of Lemay Michaud have been awarded numerous times by the industry.

Inspired by the water surrounding the Evolo X building, the team of Lemay Michaud conceptualized, for the lobby ’Rêveries sur l’eau’’ a mobile steel reminiscent of origami sailboats.  Small lights are installed on the floor, below the artwork, and mimic the shining water.  The folding of the forms was done by the firm Visual Home, who specializes in the manufacture of custom architectural elements.  One can admire their achievements in several commercial buildings and public spaces.
















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