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Stefanie Austin, from The Shed Yoga in Pointe Nord

Nuns’ Island resident Stefanie has taken over the reins of the yoga studio. Originally from Abitibi, Stefanie has a Bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from Concordia University and is a New York-certified yoga teacher. Previously, she was a private trainer offering her services in gyms and at her clients’ homes.


A new energy

The type of yoga Stefanie offers is based on alignment and aims to achieve the best position for the poses. “Many things change when you practice yoga on a regular basis. New energy starts flowing, encouraging us to leave behind behaviors and relationships we’ve outgrown. That’s why I chose the name Shed, to symbolize shedding your old skin. Shed also means a simple roofed structure, which perfectly conveys the simple and authentic space I’m seeking to create,” she explains.

A customized approach adapted to the community

The studio has a varied schedule for greater flexibility. “We offer classes early in the morning for those who have to head out for work, for example. We also offer Pilates in addition to yoga. And every Saturday morning, children ages two to five can come to do yoga with their parents.” Other types of classes may be added based on demand.

A unique approach

“There are tons of yoga studios opening all over. I want to stand out from the others not only by offering a variety of classes but also by the spirit that reigns in the space. My goal is to create a sense of community. I want the people who come here to be glad to see one another, to feel like they belong and to pick up on the energy all around them.

The studio will also offer 2–3-hour workshops once a month.

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“This location is a gem. I want people to feel at home. It’s their space. As a yogi, I’m here for the long run,” says Stefanie.

We welcome Stefanie and wish her and her team members much success.

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