When choosing a place a to live, many factors will affect our final decision.

The price of the house or condo, the location, the amenities included… and now more than ever, sustainability plays a major role in tipping the balance for buyers hesitating between different locations. Thus, green roofs are becoming a popular choice in newer constructions. So what exactly are green roofs and what are the advantages you ask? Well read on and find out.

What are Green Roofs?

A green roof is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation. This vegetation is planted on a waterproof membrane to avoid leakage within the building itself.

What are the Benefits of a Green Roof?

  1. It absorbs rainwater

Water is absorbed by the vegetation, and then returned to the atmosphere through evaporation. The green roof also retains rainwater, slowing the arrival of storm water into the sewer system during thunderstorms.

  1. It helps to increase insulation

A green roof can help to reduce heat loss in the winter and can cut down on energy use. It can also act as an acoustic barrier.

  1. It has esthetic value

A green roof is much more pleasing to look at than a concrete or a tar rooftop.

  1. Reduction of heat islands

Green roofs do not absorb sunlight and therefore offer lower temperatures than traditional roofs, which helps reduce urban temperatures.

  1. It creates a natural habitat for plants and animals

Plants, animals and insects are able to live in an otherwise very urban area, creating a rich, environmentally friendly, urban ecosystem.

  1. It filters air pollutants 

Pollutants and carbon dioxide are naturally filtered by a green roof, which can help to reduce disease rates, such as asthma.

  1. It raises the roof’s life span

It’s been shown that by installing a green roof, it can increase its life span sometimes as much as 200%, compared to traditional roofs.


Green Roofs in Pointe-Nord

The objective when planning Pointe-Nord was to build a smart, sustainable neighbourhood that would respect nature as much as possible. The idea was to build comfortable life spaces that would easily and harmoniously integrate with the environment. The direction taken has always been within the guidelines the LEED program provides for certification. With this in mind, the neighbourhood was thought of as a unique pilot project.


Admit it – you’re about to Google search how to install a green roof on your living space!

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