There is something most people can agree on about living by the water. It’s calming. It feels good. But did you know it can actually have a positive impact on your health?

It’s already clear to the scientific community that green living has positive impacts on our wellbeing. Now studies are being commissioned to find out what « blue spaces » do for our bodies and minds.

Studies show

  • It has been proven that simply watching images of bodies of water, including underwater photos, were calming enough during certain simple surgeries (such as dental surgeries).

« In general, these studies in the U.K. demonstrate that both natural and built scenes containing water are associated with higher perceived restorativeness than those without water. » – University of Plymouth psychologist Matthew White and his co-authors in a paper published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology.

  • The mind apparently enters a mild meditative state when near a body of water. Scientists have found that levels of dopamine, seratonin and oxitocyn raise significantly in the brain, causing the mind to relax and feel positive. In the meantime, the stress hormone called cortisol lowers when in proximity to water.
  • There are a number of research being held around water-based therapies. Blue Mind researches show important findings between proximity to water as well as immersion, and emotional and physical healing properties.
  • People taking breaks near water and nature show a boost in their immune systems. Combined with the lower cortisol, levels of stress are significantly lowered while near or in water.


Reading some of these studies also shows scientist are exploring evolutionary theories explaining our reaction to water. Our bodies are mostly water, and our current society has only been detached from living in symbiosis with nature for the last 200 years or so. Hence the theories explaining that our true balanced emotional and physical state require nature and water.

Maybe this explains why the majority of us delight in taking our vacations on a beach. Maybe our animal instinct recognizes our need for being in nature and particularly near water.

Pointe-Nord on the waterfront

That being said, what if you could live all year-long near water? How great does it feel to see and feel the negative ions daily?
That is not a question in Pointe-Nord. We are lucky to benefit from water and nature, as well as having access to outdoor paths and indoor gyms and exercise. The health benefits are endless…

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