Louise Dupont, Associate Designer at Lemay Michaud

Louise Dupont, Associate designer at Lemay Michaud

Proment Corporation is setting the bar high with the Evolo NEX building, with the aim of creating a home that is luxurious, sustainable and functional. Louise Dupont, associate designer at Lemay Michaud, explains how her team addressed the developer’s 4 requirements and best practices for the design of common spaces.

1. Sustainable development

The ecological footprint is at the heart of Evolo NEX’s design, with a clear objective of LEED certification. Every design choice, every material selected, is scrutinized under the watchful eye of sustainable development. By favoring local materials, we stimulate the economy and reduce CO2 emissions from transport.

The designers have also favored the integration of natural materials such as wood, stone and wool in the design of common spaces. The integration of biophilia, with plants scattered throughout the various spaces, reinforces the link between residents and nature. Vast windows invite natural light to bathe the interiors, while outdoor spaces dedicated to gardening reinforce this connection.

L'intégration de plantes dans les espaces communs

Integration of plants and natural materials in common areas

2. Ease of maintenance

Proment aims to simplify residents’ lives by making common areas easy to maintain. Careful choice of materials, hard-wearing carpets and smart furnishings are designed to last, while maintaining impeccable aesthetics. Even the choice of varnish and wood for the condo doors is guided by this philosophy of durability and practicality.

3. Acoustics

Acoustic comfort is a priority for Evolo NEX. The materials selected for the walls and ceilings of the common areas are specially designed to absorb sound, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere and preserving the intimacy of the premises. The layout of discreet, well-equipped telecommuting rooms meets the contemporary needs of working from home, while a floor mat in the social room will attenuate ambient noise.

La salle sociale d'Evolo NEX

Floor carpet covers Evolo NEX social room

4. Attention to detail

Our attention to detail is evident at every stage of the construction process. Proment never compromises on aesthetics or the quality of materials,” says Louise Dupont. ”The aim is to create a building that will stand the test of time with elegance, while offering an environment that is easy for residents to live in and maintain.”

Evolo NEX is positioned as an example of modern architecture that harmoniously integrates ecological, aesthetic and practical imperatives. Under the leadership of Proment and the talent of its collaborators, this building combines comfort and sustainability for the benefit of its occupants.

Floor carpet covers evolo Nex social room

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