Louise Dupont, designer associée Lemay Michaud

Louise Dupont, Associate Designer, Lemay Michaud

Waterfront harmony: discovering the common spaces of Evolo NEX

Nuns’ Island is home to a new high-rise tower, Evolo NEX, whose common spaces were meticulously designed by the architectural firm Lemay Michaud.  Louise Dupont, the project’s associate designer, shares with us the nuances and inspirations that guided the creation of these living and relaxation spaces.

Spaces inspired by water

When it comes to designing the common spaces, it’s the waterfront aspect that stands out as the main source of inspiration,” says Louise Dupont. Colors, materials and even the rounded shapes of the furniture were carefully selected to evoke the tranquility of the riverbanks. The aim was to create a haven of peace by the water, a place where everyone can disconnect and recharge their batteries”.

Soft tones predominate, inviting relaxation and contemplation. In this spirit, the wall behind the doorman is adorned with felt, evoking the ripples left by the waves on the sand.

Locally sourced works of art

At the heart of the lobby will be a work of art by Montreal artist Melissa Del Pinto, as an ode to local creativity. Close to the doorman’s desk, this piece will capture the attention and wonder of visitors. In addition, another work fashioned from ceramic pieces evoking wa

Le lobby d'Evolo Nex comprendra des oeuves d'art

Artworks by local artists will be featured in the lobby

ter sculpting shapes on the shore will complete the installation.

A social room that invites encounters

La salle sociale d'Evolo NEX

The lounge of Evolo NEX

Located near the elevators, the vast multi-purpose room invites residents to connect with their neighbours around the pool table, the TV to watch a sporting event or the kitchen with its bar.  More private spaces reserved for coworking will also be made available to those who wish to work outside their unit.

A place to recharge at Quartier Pointe Nord

aire de détente du spa d'evolo NEX

Relaxation area

The spa, meanwhile, becomes an oasis of relaxation, where tiered seating near the foyer offers an intimate space to recharge one’s batteries in a hushed atmosphere. It’s here that residents can escape the daily hustle and bustle and let themselves be enveloped by the serenity of the surroundings, while admiring the landscaped gardens.

In this way, Evolo NEX’s communal areas are much more than just places to pass through; they are places where art, nature and tranquillity come together, offering everyone a haven of serenity in the midst of urban bustle.

With 30% of the remaining units for sale, including 3-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 1-bedroom units, for delivery in the summer of 2024, this development promises to be a coveted haven for Montrealers enchanted by the Pointe-Nord neighbourhood.

About Louise Dupont

Senior associate designer with Lemay Michaud, Louise Dupont has extensive experience in commercial interior design. She has been involved in large-scale projects, many of which have won awards, both in Canada and abroad. For Proment Corporation, she designed the interiors of the common areas of the Evolo 2, Evolo X and Evolo

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