Cycling is very popular on Nuns’ Island. The sport is gaining an increasing number of fans thanks to the stunning bike paths crisscrossing the island and along the river. This is why Nuns’ Island biking enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that bike experts, Cycle Néron, will set up shop in early 2022.

“A modern and lively neighbourhood, Pointe Nord is the perfect location for a bike shop! With the new Samuel De Champlain Bridge bike path, it was hard to say no to such an ideal setting,” explains Chloé Néron, Director of Operations of Cycle Néron.

Bikes for riders of all types!

While the Pointe Nord store will carry all types of bikes, the sale, and repair of electric bicycles will figure prominently at this location due to their meteoric rise in recent years. The 2,080-square-foot store will also sell bicycle accessories as well as other products used by cyclists.

“We are very excited to bring Cycle Néron to Nuns’ Island,” says Ilan Gewurz, Executive Vice President of Proment Corporation. “Pointe Nord is shaping up to be a charming main street for the Island, and, with the upcoming opening of Cycle Néron and other businesses, we believe that something very special is being created in this waterfront community.”

 About Cycle Néron:

Cycle Néron is a family-owned company. From left to right: Chloé, Jean-François (owner), Anthony, Marc (owner), Joëlle, Stéphanie, and Emerik.

Since 1970, Cycle Néron has positioned itself as a leader in the sale of road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrids in Greater Montréal. The company has about 60 employees during the peak season and currently operates five stores in Brossard, Boucherville, Lachine, Saint-Lambert, and Montréal, and opening soon in Pointe Nord.


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