Values of sustainable development have been central to all the decisions made during the planning of Pointe Nord in order to create a unique place to live, close to nature, where elegant high-rise residential buildings become one with nature.

ABC’s of landscaping in a LEED ND neighbourhood

Environmental values were our first consideration in the choice of plants to work with”, says Maxime Brisebois of Projet Paysage Inc. The public square, paths, and riverside parks had to offer places for relaxation where the surrounding nature fits perfectly with the landscaping, thereby creating a unique and constantly evolving scenery throughout the seasons.

Our job is to create balance by choosing the right plant combinations that will work together to become a harmonious blend. In Pointe Nord only, we have eight varieties of trees, eight varieties of shrubs, and more than ten perennial varieties, in addition to all the plants added to the riverside. Diversity creates beauty.
– Maxime Brisebois



The choices of plants, flowers and shrubs in Pointe Nord were made based on multiple factors such as their adaptability, their need for irrigation, and use of pesticides. Another factor to consider is wind. The wind can be particularly strong in Pointe-Nord, which has been the source of multiple surprises and sudden changes in the landscaping architects’ plans. Additionally, the absence of snow coverage during the winter period in this area, which is not a bad thing, resulted in the choice of more robust plants in certain areas of this new neighbourhood.

Natural plants were used on the shoreline for perfect integration with the landscape.


The trees planted in the park and on the commercial street were chosen based on textures and colours of the foliage, which change with the seasons. Oaks and maples create beautiful layers in the parks of the neighbourhood and on the main street.


The choice of perennials in Pointe Nord allows for an appreciation of the different periods of flowering, creating an evolving landscape through the seasons. Some varieties bloom early in the spring, whereas others bloom over the summer and into the fall. A feast for the eyes almost all year!

The apple trees and the wild rose bushes are examples of perennials that have been planted to embellish the paths, the walkway, and the surroundings of the water basins.

Projet Paysage reminds us that Pointe Nord is still young! The more the vegetation flourishes and grows, the more impressive the view will be. In conclusion, Pointe-Nord is a work in progress and will only get more beautiful over the years.

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