For over 30 years, she’s lived in Proment buildings on Nuns’ Island.

Two years ago, she moved her coaching practice (as a certified coach from Concordia University) in her new office situated on the ground floor of Pavillon Evolo where she also lives.

As an entrepreneur, I like to separate my place of work from my home. It’s great now, all I have to do is go down the stairs and I’m in my office. It’s a warm and comfortable place I love to be in. My clients love it too. It’s full of light and sunshine thanks to the huge window.

When it’s nice out, we choose to do my famous Walk & Talk sessions, where we have our coaching session outside, by the water. My clients love it. We are so lucky to be on the water and to be surrounded by such open green spaces; we must take advantage of it. It’s calm and we can breath. It’s such a positive experience.”

Martine’s story is atypical and exciting. A real cycle of life illustrated by this woman full of energy and passion. She met her husband in the early ’90s at a grocery store, only to discover that he was her neighbor and that they both lived in Les Verrières sur le Fleuve. Throughout the years, shes lived at Verrières I & VI, a few years in a waterfront house on Corot st. after having a lot of fun with major renovations, only to move back to their beloved condo lifestyle as one of the first owners at Sommets III. Two years ago, it is here, in Pointe-Nord, at the Pavillon Evolo that she chose to establish her place to live and work.

After being a medical lab technician, then spending 34 years as a flight attendant for Air Canada, she chose to retire and to live her passion: help people to live happier lives, no matter their story. It is after many life coaching and Positive Psychology courses that she is now a licensed health, happiness and wellness coach.

Martine can be spotted on the TV show Tout part de soi with Mitsou Gélinas, and on Deux filles le matin. She also talks about wellness in the Le Lundi magazine. We can participate in her regular conference/workshops offered at The Strom Spa.

“While working at Air Canada, I completed my Bachelors degree in Psychology at Concordia U. I then went on to complete my personal and professional coaching PPCC accreditation. A year later, I discovered the field of Positive Psychology and the emerging field of neurosciences, which study happiness factors such as resilience, courage, positivs emotions, strengths, etc… I was hooked. It transformed me… in a positive way!”

She offers one-on-one coaching sessions at her Pointe-Nord’s office, next door to Les Enfants Terribles or virtually, when required.

Thank you to Martine for sharing her story with us.

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