We’re delighted to welcome two new businesses to the Pointe Nord neighbourhood. Located in local 108, Le Studio Sculptor and the J’CQUOI smoothie bar offer wellness and health-related services.

Sculptor: a new approach to facial care

Sculptor is the first European facial massage studio in Montreal.

Sculptor redefines facial care, without injections or painful procedures. It offers practical, fast and effective treatments that will improve both appearance and skin. Sculptor’s specialists will suggest the right treatment for every customer.

J’CQUOI: When health becomes a way of life

In the vibrant spectrum of culinary adventures, J’CQUOI emerges as the epitome of sophistication, thoughtful eating and zero sugar.

Derived from the French “Je sais quoi”, J’CQUOI aims to redefine your relationship with food through an artistic selection of smoothies. It’s not just about knowing what you’re eating, but understanding why and savoring the health benefits of every sip.

6 Signature Smoothies – Precision in every blend”

  • J’CQUOI presents 6 meticulously crafted signature smoothies that demonstrate a commitment to clean ingredients and handpicked superfoods, guaranteeing an experience that’s both tasty and healthy
  • 2 organic vegan protein smoothies with a delicious chocolate or vanilla strawberry taste that will satisfy the sweet tooth of guests of all ages (thanks to organic stevia leaf).
  • And 6 gluten-free, oat-free snacks made with premium nuts, chia seeds, dried fruit and organic chocolate: matcha, lemon, mango, double chocolate energy bites and cashew-almond cookies.Smoothies signature

A smoothie for everyone. The composition of the smoothies will provide different benefits, for example:

Nourishing the skin and neutralizing free radicals, reducing chronic fatigue, halting aging, detoxifying the liver and more.

They’re all delicious. Come and try them: 108 Chemin de la Pointe Nord.

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