Farewell Mr. Gewurz

Samuel Gewurz, président et fondateur de la Corporation Proment

Mr. Samuel Gewurz, President and founder of Proment Corporation

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Mr. Samuel Gewurz, President and Founder of Proment Corporation. Samuel Gewurz will forever be remembered as an extraordinary visionary, an epitome of empathy, and a staunch advocate for all things human.

An impressive track record

As the primary developer of Nuns’ Island, he built more than 6 000 condominiums, homes, and townhomes, and 6 waterfront communities. Proment won many awards through the years, including, among others, “Developer of the Year”, “Green Builder of the Year”, and a special award for protecting the forest, Nuns’ Island’s natural heritage.

He felt tremendous respect and gratitude for the employees and consultants who worked with him in growing Proment and achieving its many accomplishments. He saw each accolade and award as a reflection on his whole team. Mr. Gewurz was awarded the Order of Canada in 2022 for his extraordinary contribution to the nation. He was also the recipient of the Médaille de l’Assemblée Nationale du Québec for his work establishing the Collectif pour L’Unité between the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian communities of Nuns’ Island. In loving memory, may his legacy continue to inspire, and the spirit forever shine in our hearts.

An extraordinary experience for Evolo Nex buyers

Ilan Gewurz et

Ilan Gewurz with Evolo NEX buyers

Proment Corporation always aims to create unique and unforgettable experiences for current and potential buyers. An invitation was issued to visit the Evolo Nex building while it was still under construction. On Sunday, September 24, some one hundred buyers visited the site.

””I’m delighted to be able to meet Evolo NEX buyers and give them the chance to access the building to see the views and meet their future neighbours,” says Ilan Gewurz.

The visit gave buyers an opportunity to take stock of the project’s progress. They were reassured about the quality of the construction and the fact that the project was on schedule. What’s more, they said they felt incredibly lucky to have had this opportunity, which made them even more enthusiastic about moving into

Evolo Nex Construction update!

The mild weather of the past few weeks has enabled us to keep the project on schedule. The roof will be poured in November. We’ve begun installing the windows and concrete panels that will serve as the building’s envelope. This work will help give a clearer idea of the building’s appearance. Tracing of the interior partitions has begun, and gypsum plastering will start shortly.

Neighbourhood businesses

A new beauty parlor opens at Pointe Nord


logo sculptor


We’re pleased to announce the opening of Sculptor studio, offering facial beauty treatments. Sculptor revolutionizes beauty care with its non-invasive methods. Facial massage works on the skin, tissues and muscles of the face, keeping them in healthy tone, relieving tension, reducing swelling and puffiness, improving blood circulation and metabolic processes.  It also enhances elastin and collagen production, and releases toxins.

Don’t forget to book your facial treatment appointment!


Open Tuesday through Saturday: 108, Chemin de la Pointe Nord


Did you know that Pointe Nord’s bike store Cycle Néron is open all year round?

Fall is the perfect time to get your bike tuned up. You can leave your bike in the care of Cycle Néron’s experts, and even store it on-site for the winter.

Don’t forget to stop by the store to take advantage of their special deals.Entretien de vélo

Open Monday through Saturday:  205 Jacques-Le Ber

Already 5 years for the restaurant Nagomi

Restaurant Nagomi

Nagomi restaurant prepares delicious Japanese dishes. A varied menu includes ramen, shrimp tempura and poké bowls, and more. The restaurant is open every day and employs around ten people. Come have a taste! 103 Jacques-Le Ber

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