Quartier Pointe Nord is located near downtown Montreal and along the St. Lawrence River. It has undergone a profound transformation in recent years. The construction of high-end condominiums has attracted dynamic homeowners and young families. The view of the St. Lawrence largely contributes to the charm of the area. The neighbourhood entails several local shops and retail boutiques lining the streets.


Here is a sample of the 5 questions most often asked by buyers who first discover the neighbourhood:

1. Why would I consider Pointe Nord as a place to live?

Pointe Nord neighbourhood is a special and unique place. Made from the vision of a single developer, this new, dynamic area reflects a long-term future goal to create a futuristic neighbourhood, emphasizing the principle of sustainable urban planning. Pointe Nord is easily accessible, bordered by two major roads and surrounded by the St. Lawrence River, beautiful greenery, and walking trails. The neighbourhood has been growing over the years and is home to many local shops such as a bakery, restaurants, a beauty salon, and more. Several retail stores will be added to the ground floor of the MYX building, including a bookstore, a delicatessen, and other services.

Relaxation dans le parc riverain

A zen moment at Quartier Pointe-Nord

2.  Who is the real-estate developer and what other projects has he developed?

Proment Corporation is the developer and visionary of the Pointe Nord neighbourhood and has been Nuns’ Island primary residential developer for nearly 40 years. Proment has extensive experience in the planning and design of living spaces and has built more than 7,000 condominiums and homes, and six riverside communities. Its greatest achievements include: Les Verrières, Le Club Marin, Les Sommets sur le fleuve, the first LEED Gold-certified residential towers in Quebec, Le Vistal and Evolo, as well as Quartier Pointe-Nord, one of the rare LEED GOLD ND certified neighbourhoods in Canada.

3.  Is access to public transit easy?

Pointe Nord is well located and has easily accessible public transportation. Several bus lines run to downtown Montreal or the South Shore. The upcoming arrival of REM line will optimize travel to downtown and even to Dorval Airport.

4.  Who are the people living in the neighbourhood?

Pointe Nord is a dynamic and cosmopolitan neighbourhood, with a nice mix of people settled in that area. Of note, most residents were already living on Nuns’ Island, many of them in one of Proment’s projects. The neighbourhood includes many professionals working in and around downtown, young families and active retirees.

Family living in Pointe-Nord

Young couples chose Pointe-Nord to raise their families

5.  When do you plan to put the next phases on the market?

We are currently working on the development of two towers with a height of about 40 floors. Sales are planned to start in the fall of 2019. Stay tuned and be among the first to hear about our project!



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