Decorating a small space requires a certain flair and expertise, so we entrusted Mylène Trudel and Isabelle Roberge with this task—and they did not disappoint!

The duo worked their magic with the 620 square feet one-bedroom condo in the brand new Evolo S building. “This condo is for first-time buyers, who are often millennials at the beginning of their careers,” says Mylène. “We wanted to show that it’s possible to achieve simple chic look on a limited budget.”

A top partner

Mylène and Isabelle teamed up with the folks at Must, a new offshoot of Maison Corbeil that opened last spring in Griffintown. And it was only natural that they work with them—the concept store is heaven for design lovers and offers and an array of services to boot. To top it off, their furniture fits great in small spaces, with beds and sectionals designed specifically for condos.


Scandinavian influence

“Scandinavian design was a key inspiration for this project,” says Isabelle. It’s characterized by natural materials, lots of white mixed with warm grays and other muted tones, clean lines and geometric shapes. In this unit, Mylène and Isabelle chose to create even more of a Scandinavian feel by installing wooden flooring on the living room wall.

The look really works and is sure to resonate with people who like nature, design and the Pointe Nord neighbourhood.

Urban creativity

Our designers have chosen original and contemporary artworks at Galerie Le Royer. The selected artists exploit urbanity through their medium and innovative techniques.

Interior decoration tip

 When you hang artwork on the wall, place it between 155 and 170 cm from the ground (measured from the centre of the piece). These standard measurements are used by art galleries and will help you show off your prized paintings and photos.

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