Designer Francine Martineau

Francine Martineau, Designer APDIQ, Condo 1403

A passion for design

Francine Martineau’s work with Proment Corporation spans a rather long history—17 years, to be exact. Francine designs the interiors of model condos so that they really show off the space and sell new units. “I consider myself lucky to work for Proment,” says Francine. “I like the concept of model condos with different layouts for different types of people. For example, the one I’m working on right now targets semi-retired couples with thriving social lives. In particular, they like to host their friends for afternoon wine and cheese.” According to Brenda Gewurz, vice-president of marketing at Proment, “Francine is always reinventing herself.” Francine loves taking on challenges and bringing in new and unusual ideas and pieces. For example, in the condo she’s currently designing, the TV screen transforms into a mirror when it’s not in use. In her work, Francine applies a central theme. Shapes, patterns and colours can repeat from one room to the next. She prefers to use new materials and likes playing with light and reflection in the room.

Inspired by the view 

 “When I visited the condo, I immediately fell in love with the panoramic view of downtown Montreal and Nuns’ Island. I wondered how I could make the view the centrepiece of the condo,” says Francine.Therefore she chose a sectional sofa with a backrest that can be lowered, from Roche Bobois in downtown Montreal. The same approach was used for the dining room: the extendable table and the bench placed near the window provide for an unobstructed view.



Bedroom furnished by Roche Bobois

Maximizing the space 

 “Since space in a condo is limited, I decided on a Murphy bed with a built-in desk from Limuro. In the master bedroom, the upholstered headboard matches the shape of the room, making it extra cosy. You feel like you’re in a cocoon,” says Francine. There’s a certain lightness to the room, too, thanks to night tables and lights that are built in to the bed and appear to float.

Incorporating art 

 Hamelin Aubé, a team of visual arts and decorative objects consultants, will help Francine choose paintings and sculptures to put the finishing touches to the decoration.

Condo interior decoration tip

 Condos should be decorated differently than houses. There needs to be a link between all the rooms, because they are all in plain sight. Since the space is more limited, a single room can be used for different purposes. “When I work on a condo, my priorities are lightness and the view. I draw inspiration from how I feel when I look outside.”


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