Little do people know, the Pointe-Nord neighbourhood is actually quite close to the city and can easily be reached by bike or by any other method of transportation.

Montreal has plenty of bike paths that are open all year round, so even the bravest among us can get around.
Most of the paths have great views, which makes it hard to consider any other mode of transportation. In the spirit of health and pleasure, we put together a few biking maps leading to the four central points of the city life.

For a complete map of Montreal’s bike paths, you can download this map. For more Montreal biking resources, check out the Velo Quebec web site.

Bike paths and roads to use from Pointe-Nord:

Atwater Market, 17 minutes:

Concordia, 29 minutes:

Monkland ViIllage, 38 minutes:

Berri-UQAM, 24 minutes:


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